Our authorization number is from December 1982, just when our activity as a security company began under the name Técnicos y Grupo Especiales de Seguridad, SA (TECNY-GES), but it must be said that much earlier with other names we are dedicated to security.

In 1975 we mainly made alarms for banks and very specific sites. At a private level they were practically scarce. Starting in 1978, the private market began to install alarms and in 1982 the activity of Security Guards began.

In 1985 we reunited everything and expanded our security services with the Alarm Center. As of this year we unify in a single company Installation and maintenance of Alarms, Security Guards and Alarm Center.

Starting in 1985, the number of clients increased and our systems were also expanded to be installed in banks.

Since 1995 we have focused exclusively on the Alarm Center with the Alarm Service with Security Guards, custody of keys and on the Installation and maintenance of alarm systems. Everything has been a constant evolution, always adapting to the new ones technologies.

Today we install all kinds of Grade 2 and Grade 3 alarms, from private facilities to compulsory establishments such as jewelry stores, etc. We mount outdoor alarm systems, closed-circuit television systems, and cameras, all with remote video verification and control systems. We continue to improve and innovate to offer our customers the latest in terms of security, improving technology and especially personalized attention to our customers.