Our company offers different types of services among which are:

  • Installation and maintenance service
  • Own Alarm Receiving Center
  • Security guards 24h
  • Key custody

Apart from these types of Services, Tecny-Ges is always open to listening to all types of clients in order, as far as possible, to offer you the service you require.

Tecny-Ges serves the entire province of Malaga, but as many of our large clients know, in an exceptional situation we can install in any province of Andalusia.

This is our great asset over other types of security companies. By having our own reception center we can give a very personalized service to all our clients.

We have a highly trained security staff with many years of experience.

By having the Central Station and the Security Guards concentrated in the same building, when an alarm is triggered, the action is immediate.

The key custody service allows security personnel to carry out a complete verification of your home or business when an alarm has occurred.