The alarm systems will be assembled according to the needs of the client as well as the group to which they belong.

When we talk about “group” we really talk about “degree” of security. As well defined in article 2 of the ministerial order INT/316/2011, there are 4 types of degrees:

  • Grade 1 or low risk: These are alarm systems equipped with acoustic signaling that are not going to be connected to an alarm center or a control center. In other words, these are systems that are installed at home but the signal does not reach any CRA.
  • Grade 2, low to medium risk: These are alarm systems dedicated to homes and small establishments, shops and industries in general, that intend to connect to an alarm center or, where appropriate, to a control center.
  • Grade 3, medium/high risk: Refers to alarm systems for establishments required to have security measures, as well as other commercial or industrial facilities that, due to their activity or other circumstances, are required to have a connection to a central of alarms or, where appropriate, to a control center.
  • Grade 4, high risk: Alarm systems reserved for so-called critical infrastructures, military installations, establishments that store regulated explosive material, and security companies for the deposit of cash, securities, precious metals, dangerous materials or explosives, required or not. , connection to the alarm center or, where appropriate, to control centers.

Our company is specialized above all in installations of Grade 2 and Grade 3 alarm systems. By having our own Alarm Receiving Center, we can provide better and faster customer service when an alarm occurs.

Within the alarm systems, it can be installed from a basic kit with 3 motion sensors (infrared) to a more complex system with magnetic contacts and various perimeter elements.

The connection of these alarm systems to the Receiving Center can be done in various ways. We always bet on the most current and safest. Today we have the following means of transmission:

  • Telephone
  • gsm
  • via radio

Apart from the telephone connection, it is always important to have one of the others as a second means of communication since there may be a telephone cut and we may be left without communication. An interesting option would be the GPRS/IP module since it also allows you to control the alarm through any smartphone, tablet, etc.